Clutch Replacement

Need a Clutch Replacement?

clutch replacement serviceManual transmissions typically can be more reliable than an automatic transmission. They can often last for 100,000 miles or more. But one weak area with manual transmissions is the clutch, which over time can lead to the need for a clutch replacement.

Why do I need a clutch replacement?

The clutch takes a lot of wear and tear —

— It is the “workhorse”

Each time you get in your car and drive your clutch helps you get where you’re going.

That means EVERY SINGLE TIME you shift along the way, the clutch has to be disengaged and then re-engaged. If you live and drive in an area where there is a lot of traffic, you are well aware of how often you are changing gears… especially when your commutes place you in stop and go traffic, or even when your trips take you through our beautiful mountain roads requiring constant up and down shifting.

In any given day you’re putting your clutch through hundreds of cycles of engaging and disengaging over and over again, just in that one driving session. And like anything, the wear adds up. Every day, every week, every month, year after year. Eventually the clutch will start to slip, make noise, and then wear out.

Can I avoid a Clutch Replacement?

You can of course prolong the life of your clutch and postpone the inevitable, by having Parker Transmission and Gear provide manual transmission service and replace the gear oil. Doing so adds extra life to your clutch and avoids the needs for a clutch replacement for as long as possible. By lubricating and protecting the gears, you can avoid premature breakdowns.

Unfortunately, due to the high stress nature of your clutch’s job, the inevitable can and often does happen as the miles add up on your car.

When your clutch does reach the end of it’s useful life, our expert mechanics will replace the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing for you. We will also resurface the flywheel if we find it’s necessary while inspecting and servicing your vehicle, putting you back in the driver’s seat.

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