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Your transfer case is an integral component that is connected to your transmission. It is also connected through various drive shafts to the front and rear axles.

transfer case repair - internal view

In a nutshell, the transfer case helps your car go from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. Typically you will turn a switch in your car to engage the transfer case.  For an AWD vehicle it’s always working.

When you engage the transfer case, it receives power from the transmission, which in turn then sends power to both the front and rear axles, while at the same time keeping the rotation of the front and rear wheels synchronized.

Our Transfer Case Repair service includes:

  • Inspection
  • Removal
  • Repair of Gears
  • Bearings
  • Gaskets
  • Seals

Due to the extreme nature that your transfer case works in (heat, motion) the gears and bearings require an oil lubricant to help protect them from wear and break down during normal 4WD driving conditions.

If your car is experiencing a fluid leak, it will typically cause the components to wear out quicker, requiring the need for a transfer case repair.

Symptoms Leading to Transfer Case Repair

Trying to determine if the cause of your car problem is a bad or failing transfer case can sometimes be difficult, as issues can come about in many different ways. As well, many symptoms that “could” be from the transfer case are similar to issues with other integral parts of your car.

The only sure way to know if you need a transfer case repair is through a thorough inspection of your car by a trained professional.

A few things to look out for and listen for on your own:

  • Loud grinding noise coming from the bearings
  • Chattering noise while turning
  • Fluid leaks
  • Strange noises when driving at certain speeds
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Your vehicle kicks out of gear at random while in motion
  • The loss of 4WD or AWD capability, as well as the inability to switch back out of 4WD to 2WD

Regardless of what make or model of vehicle you drive, whether foreign or domestic, Parker Transmission and Gear can provide an in depth analysis and advise you as to whether a repair is needed.

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If needed, our shop is conveniently located, and our mechanics expertly trained, to provide you with a Transfer Case Repair in and around Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Aurora CO.

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